The annual Kerikeri Street Party is a fantastic opportunity for local food and wine producers to showcase their produce to both locals and visitors from all over the country who have travelled to Kerikeri for the Half Marathon.

Food stallholders 2015 Street Party

Food @Wharepuka: 2015 Street Party

Foodies wishing to express interest in participating in the 2016 street party should organise to register early. Each year demand for the limited spaces to hold a stall only continues to increase! Most stalls occupy the equivalent of one car parking space.

There are limited opportunities for larger vans and stalls, and you need to indicate the space you require when registering, along with power requirements.   You will also need to provide evidence that the premises used for your food preparation are appropriately registered to comply with health regulations.

This year there will be strict conditions about the types of electric appliances that may be used, to ensure that no-one experiences outages due to stallholders drawing too much power.

For further details on applying, please visit our dedicated stallholder page.

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