Kerikeri Street Party 2013The sun is low in the sky, the days shorter but the summer of 2013-14 just doesn’t seem to want to leave us!

The Kerikeri Street Party team however have dusted off their planning folders, and have assembled for the first planning meeting for this year’s street party.  This  year the event is on Saturday, 15th of November, and the street party will commence late afternoon.

Some things won’t change!

  • It has and always will remain free to visitors and the people of the Bay of Islands
  • It will always be family friendly
  • It will always be fun – rain hail or shine (but we always hope for SHINE!)

If you want to become involved or have ideas for the 2014 street party, now is the time to whisper in the ear of the organising team,  Please use our contact form, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.  We have a ton of great photos from last year’s party that we still have to wade through; stay tuned we’ll pop them on line soon.