So you want to run your own street party?  Well it’s pretty straightforward really, so we’ll tell how the Kerikeri street party works as an example.

We’ll skip the preparation and planning bit.  That’s the part where month’s and month’s before the street party committee gets together to plan funding for the event.  And registering and organizing the dozens of foodies.  And entertainment. And planning assistance from road & security professionals to safely close the road, erect and monitor barriers and look out for public well being.  Oh! and St John’s and the local fire volunteers help with a whole bunch of stuff as well.  Did we mention the closure permits?  Health certifications?  Licensing for the sales of wine and boutique beers?

Street party setup

Well, if we just skip that stuff, on the day we have to stake out all the parking spots to ensure they are all vacated by the assigned ‘closure’ time after which we have official control of the street.  That’s when all our volunteer teams, alongs with the musician’s roadies descend all at once. We need to ensure they have ordered access to setup stalls, sound stations, speakers, and of course this all has to cabled up to electrical supplies so it all works!

And did I mention you have just 2 hours to get this all organised before the official party start time of 5pm? If a picture says a thousand words, the video below ought to give you a good idea how it all works (from Street Party 2015).

Simple really, so have a go yourself.  Or just pop along to the Kerikeri Street Party on Saturday, 19th November 2016.