Stall-Holder Application Form Declaration, and Health and Safety Guidelines

Kerikeri Half Marathon Street Party, 18th November 2017

All exhibitors/stall-holders are required to comply with all New Zealand laws relating to Health and Safety, Food Handling and Safety Requirements and Electrical Standards/ Regulations, including but not limited to the Food Act 2014, Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996, and any amendments or changes to any Act or Regulation.

Exhibitors/stall-holders must take all reasonable steps to provide a safe environment and to ensure their own and others’ safety. Specifically, exhibitors/stall-holders must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All electrical appliances, including extension leads, must be ‘tested and tagged’, and the tag must be current
  • Commercial multi-boxes suitable for outdoor use only should be used – domestic multi-boxes are not permitted
  • All power supplies must be via an RCD (Residual Current Device)
  • All cable extension joins must be covered
  • All trip hazards must be identified, removed or covered
  • All gas cylinders must have the onsite testing equipment to check for leakages; this includes soapy water in a spray bottle. Large gas cylinders over 100K require a certificate
  • A check of all equipment brought on to site and the list provided by you will be conducted by the Event Health and Safety Officer
  • Please note that the Department of Labour may also conduct random spot checks at their discretion. Those who are not complying with the Health and Safety guidelines may be shut down until further notice

Please refer to for the supply of equipment.
For further safety information, please refer to

Exhibitors/stallholders are persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU’s) for the purposes of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (the Act), and their stalls are workplaces. Exhibitors/stallholders and their workers are expected to be familiar with their obligations under the Act (and in particular their duties under Part 2 of the Act) and to comply with those obligations.

The Kerikeri Half Marathon Street Party 2017 Sub-Committee (KHMSP) and the Kerikeri District Business Association (KDBA) are providing their services as volunteers and are not PCBU’s for the purposes of the Act. By signing this Application Form and Declaration, exhibitors/stallholders acknowledge and agree to this, and agree to indemnify KHMSP and/or KDBA together with their officers/volunteers in respect of any liability arising out of any enforcement action that may be taken due to any breach or alleged breach of the requirements of the Act, which includes an indemnity for any costs that may be incurred in relation to such enforcement action.

We ask that exhibitors/stall-holders and their staff/helpers remain vigilant and alert and advise KHMSP/KDBA of any event or behaviour that may compromise the safety or enjoyment of the event i.e. hazards that have been created, lack or insufficient control of a hazard, unsociable and/or unsafe behaviour of any persons.

KHMSP and KDBA will not be responsible for any accident, loss or damage that may be caused to or suffered by a stall or exhibit, or which may be caused directly or indirectly by any other stall or exhibit, notwithstanding any alleged negligence on the part of any officer or volunteer of HMSP/KDBA, and it shall be a condition of entry that each exhibitor/stall-holder shall hold KHMSP/KDBA and its officers/volunteers indemnified against any claim in respect of any such accident, loss or damage.

By registering an application to be an exhibitor/stall holder at the Kerikeri Street Party event you agree to and accept the above conditions of entry.