Welcome to our photo gallery.  Here you may explore our collection of photos from year’s past. 


After Dark 2016

The very cool sounds of BT and the Vibes crated a very unique Nite Club feel. 

As always, the party just seems to get better as the sun goes down. 

Stilt Walkers at the 2016 Street Part add to the carnival feel.

Party Time 2016

Street Party 2016 – the clouds threatened but didn’t deliver!

But the Street Party did! 

One of our best yet.

DDF Dance Studioz dance up a storm at KKSP 2015

Party Time 2015

Highlights from Kerikeri Street Party 2015; Strangely Arousing, The Legacy Band and the DDF Dance crew.

Great food, great wines.

Lots of photos of folks simply having a great time!

DDF Dance Studioz dance up a storm at KKSP 2015

After sunset 2015

Highlights from Kerikeri Street Party 2015.

The sun sets, the street lights up and the dancing begins!

This gallery features photos taken later  in the evening.

Street party team to the rescue

Street Closed: preparing for a party 2015

After the Kerikeri main street official closes at 3pm, the street party team move in  along with a small army of stall holders, roadies, sparkies and assorted helping hands to clear the street and set up the party.
Street parties 2013 and 2014

Street Party 2014 & 2013

It may sometimes rain (that warm sub-tropical rain of the far north!) but the party still goes on.

Here’s some favourite photoshoots from street parties in 2013 and 2014.